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Lagoon 450F Under Sail
Yachts BA Bareboat Advisor September 28, 2019 517
A great boat for our crew of eight!
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The Lagoon 450F was a great boat for our crew of eight. This was a guys trip and we had enough room to spread out. The helm has a lot of seating and a large pad just in front so the captain/helmsperson always has company. Note: There is a hump in the middle of the flybridge that makes moving back and forth a bit annoying. It also doesn't leave much leg room for the person sitting in that spot.

With the flybridge, it was easy to see the entire boat. You really felt high off of the water and it was easy to pick up mooring balls, anchor, and dock because visibility around the boat was great.

One possible negative: The flybridge is VERY spread-out. The winches are on the port and starboard side of the bridge and cannot be accessed easily by a single person. It might not be impossible to single hand, but it's very difficult. If you are going with a light crew who don't want to be actively helping you sail, this is NOT the boat for you. If you have a crew who really wants to sail (like us), everyone had plenty of space to maneuver. (See the pictures)

Our boat had a remote anchor control with a display showing how much chain was out. That made anchoring incredibly easy. I assume each boat is different, but I would highly recommend all boats have this feature.

Access to the main sail was brutal. With the flybridge, the boom is incredibly high off of the deck. If you have problems with the main or sail bag, it won't be easy to fix it.

The boat was incredibly comfortable. There were cushioned seating areas all over which made for a very comfortable charter.

The dingy davits were a bit easier to work with than similar Leopards. Nothing major.

We did a few 3-5 hour sails and the boat moved fine through the water. This is a large, heavy boat, so 7-9 knots was pretty average.

Overall, we really enjoyed our time on the Lagoon 450F. They are being replaced by the Lagoon 46 so we are excited to try one of those sometime soon!

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June 05, 2018
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