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Great Experience in BVI Jan 2024
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We chartered a Bali 4.2 with 4 Cabins. Booked with a broker, Virgin Island Sailing.

The Nanny Cay location is nice. Little market close, couple of restaurants. Enjoyed it.

The whole process upfront was easy. Not sure if that was the broker, Navigare, or both. Simple regardless,

They got us checked in as soon as we arrived and our boat checkout was almost immediate.

They don't include Wi-Fi so it was $150 extra but worked well the whole time.

Boat checkout was very simple. They were pretty chill about the inventory which can be annoying and stressful with other charter companies. (feels like some make you count the forks and plates lol... Not Navigare).

If you are new to chartering, you may need to press Navigare for more information. We've been to BVI many times and they had our resume so maybe that was why it was so quick and easy.

We had an issue with a toilet when we showed up. It kept popping a breaker. They got on it immediately and realized someone had put a lower Amp fuse in than it should have been. Swapped it and no issues for the trip.

The boat was very new and we didn't have any issues. AC, Genset, etc all worked great.

This boat didn't have a watermaker and that was a bummer. We knew it so not a Navigare issue.

They did make a mistake and said the fuel was full even though the gauge said it was low. Thought it was a bad gauge. It wasn't, so we had to get fuel since it was the generator tank. Annoying but they ended up crediting us for the fuel so all good. I was happy they did the right thing without any arguments...just said okay.

Check in process at the end was great too. They used a tablet/app to check us back in. No annoying paperwork. Deon seemed very interested in all of our feedback, even simple notes.

Everyone was very nice and seemed to really want us to have a great time. Averil at the front desk was lovely. Jason and Deon were awesome at check out and return.

We saw SO MANY Navigare boats out during our trip. More than we've ever seen before. Interesting how the industry changes over the years.

Overall we were very happy with Navigare and I'm pumped there's another solid group out there.

Thanks Navigare!

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January 16, 2024
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