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Sailing in Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia is and island nation located in the Windward Islands of the West Indies , about 1500 miles south and east of Miami. For the 200,000 or so residents there, English is the official language, but you will also hear plenty of French and Creole while visiting. The currency there is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which can also be used in most of the surrounding island nations nearby.

The good- The country is beautiful, and plenty of things to do on and around the island. One of my favorite anchorages of all time was between the iconic Pitons near the south west corner of the island. There are many other attractions on the island including the volcano, Margot Bay, and the Tet Paul Nature trail.

The mountains on the island are over 3000 feet, offering as significant break from the heavy seas and and high winds on the leeward side. Sailing on the windward side is generally not recommended by the local charter companies, and most cruisers will be found in the calmer waters on the west side of the Island.

You do have many options when sailing in this area. St. Lucia has Martinique less than 25 miles to the north, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the same distance to the south. Barbados, Grenada, and Dominica are all within a 150 mile circumference. This give you the great opportunity to swing through St. Lucia while sailing from another country, or to sail from Saint Lucia to any number of the near by countries.

Things to know- The boat boy culture is strong in this area. Expect to have them come up and offer to help with everything from picking up a mooring ball, to bringing fresh cooked lobster. For people in the United States, St. Lucia can take a little more time to get to than some of the other Caribbean sailing locations. Non stop flights are available from Miami and Atlanta requiring 3.5 to 4.5 hours, respectively.

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